Upcoming workshops

For those not familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) such as ArcGIS, I plan to hold a two-hour informational session on Thursday, September 27 at 3:00 PM to cover what GIS is and how it might help you handle spatial/locational data in your discipline. This session will take place in 256 Old Main, the Cartography Lab.

On Thursday, October 18, I will host a two-hour session that will provide hands-on experience with ArcGIS Desktop. This session will focus on the interface and data access, but you will also have access to online training to go a little deeper on your own after the session.

On Thursday, November 1, I will host a two-hour hands-on session for ArcGIS Online that will focus on finding maps and data on as well as making your own map to share online.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, gaining access to the software, or accessing online training for the software please contact me via email at