Campus resources

While I await the creation of the server to run on I will keep an abbreviated list of useful sites and projects below. Can’t find what you need? Contact me or head to your favorite search engine.

ESRI – ArcGIS is installed on most computers on campus.
Please note that if you have a student (or are a student) who needs access to ArcGIS on a personal computer for class work or research, I have copies of ArcGIS 10 student licenses that are good for 12 months from installation. Contact me for a copy. Also, as part of our university site license we have access to many of Esri’s online training courses for free. Visit to find a course you are interested in then contact me for a course code(s)
ESRI Support

Autodesk Student Community – While we do not have a site license to the Autodesk mapping products for campus lab use students and faculty can join the Autodesk Student Community to receive access to 1 year trial versions of most of Autodesk’s software catalog including Map 3D and Civil 3D (non-geo apps like 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCad for Mac…). In addition to software, the site includes a wealth of training and a forum for discussing the products.

Free or open source applications:
Google Earth Virtual Globe
ArcGIS Explorer Virtual Globe
Quantum GIS Geographic Information System
LeoWorks Remote Sensing
OpenDragon Remote Sensing
Google Maps
Bing Maps
ArcGIS Online
Scribble Maps