What training would you like to see?

The most recent episode of the Spatial@UNCP podcast asked the question of what geospatial training would you like to see offered locally. On campus we have Intro to Cartography and Remote Sensing in the catalog and Intro to GIScience going in for approval in the Spring, but these are meant to support students who are learning the underlying concepts of spatial thinking along with topical concepts. I have also provided (and plan to continue) a series of short ‘what is’ sessions on campus. There is clearly a need for more intense hands-on training for these topics as well. So the question goes out… “what do you need”. If you, your agency, or your office need training in geospatial technologies let us know what you need. Where possible we will try to meet demand with no cost or at least low coast training courses. If you have thoughts on what is needed be sure to contact me with your ideas. If you can show an audience then it will be easier to get a training event going compared to those that might only have 1 or 2 people interested. I look forward to hearing from you!