Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS – September 23

Here is the abstract for this Thursday’s session on ArcGIS at 10AM in Oxendine 2202. If you would like to attend, send Cynthia Saylor an email to register.
ArcGIS is the industry leading software for storing, manipulating, and displaying location information. The software allows users to take advantage of the wealth of spatial data that is available from government, corporate, and public sources. While the most perceptible use of a geographic information system (GIS) is to create a map to share with others, ArcGIS provides a wealth of tools to create spatial data, consume existing data, conduct spatial analysis, and model our world. The session will spend time (30-40 minutes) discussing what GIS is and isn’t, what tools ArcGIS offers, and how ArcGIS can support your research, service, and education efforts. How to find data to support your needs will also be discussed. The remainder of the time will be spent in a self-led hands-on ArcGIS exercise.

The session is intended to provide attendees with a broad understanding of how ArcGIS may fit within their workflow. After this session you will have access to online training from Esri, the company who makes ArcGIS and, of course, time to ask specific questions about your needs for spatial analysis and mapping.