Putting the Digital Earth to Work – NC Space Grant

I am very excited to be able to share that I was awarded an NC Space Grant, Informal Science Education grant. The title of the proposal was “Putting the Digital Earth to Work: introducing potential science and social studies users to Earth Observation sensors and their data” and it has a fairly focused goal of:

highlighting the data from remote sensors and the tools used to interact with them.

A second goal will be to reinforce users’ existing spatial literacy as the data captured by the sensors is highly spatial in nature. There will be a few targeted outcomes including the project website, an online map-based Earth Observation Virtual Laboratory, podcasts about earth observation, an educator workshop, and a set of open lesson plans.

If you are an educator (formal or informal), keep an eye here to find out more about the educator workshop that will take place in June 2011. It will be a mix of lecture, computer, and group activities…I think, but with 13 months to go, who knows what will change.